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Loretta Dawson


  • Sound Designer/Editor | Recording/Mixing Engineer

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Alex Dimitriu

Bournemouth, UK

Showreel & CV


Torque was born out of a storm. 


I enjoy storms and so, I recorded a storm one night.

Listening to the recording, I started experimenting with the sounds and modifying them using the Acousmatic Music concepts. 


Apart from the storms, I used a bin and some chopsticks to create the rhythm.


Torque was completely created and finalized using Ableton.


This is my College final project. 


I wanted to mix it up a bit and so I used different music genres on one EP.


Detailed, information regarding this project can be found here: Alex Dimitriu - WordPress

This is my first Sound Design and Foley project. 


I was introduced to Sound Design and Foley in College and this is when I developed a passion for it.


It was created in Cubase.


Another Sound Design and Foley project, this time a little more advanced. 


I worked with a team of four and we were assigned a flat each. Mine is the top left.


I was also assigned to add the music and to mix and master the final merged version.


A personal project, I decided to create an SFX construction kit. 


I used Pro Tools, Massive and Cecilia5.


My aim, when I began working on this was to improve my sound design skills. 


This was also created with various recorded sounds (ketchup being squeezed out, shopping bags, nut shells etc.)


Other Projects


Mr. Giggles’ Rainy Day is a short film written and directed by James Tubb.


My involvement in the project:

Sound Design/Edit/Mixing, Foley recordings, and partial location recording.




Experimental Project

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This is part of my university final project.

The purpose of this experimental project is to use the ambisonics and binaural technology (currently used in games), to synthesize the 3D Audio and emulate the Dolby Atmos for Headphones effect using only stereo/mono audio sources, and freeware plug-ins/software. The final methodology being implemented on a classic 2D video soundtrack.

For more details about the project, click here

Final Implementation (Stage1)



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