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I am a coffee powered graduate sound editor/designer based in Bournemouth, UK. I’ve been in the audio engineering field for over 8 years with experience in live sound, audio recording and mixing. I was introduced to sound design for film when I joined college and developed a passion for it.

Since 2014 I began increasing my studies into the field of sound edit/design for film, Foley and location/field recording techniques. This brought me to studying for a master’s degree in Sound Wizardry at Bournemouth University (MA Sound Design for Film and Television).

When I get involved in projects, I work closely with the director and the production team to create the best sound, from designing atmosphere, supporting narrative and characters to other sound elements, that would augment the director’s vision and be transported into reality.

  • First Name: Alex
  • Last Name: Dimitriu
  • Date of birth: February 1990
  • Nationality: Romanian
  • Freelance: Available
  • Phone: +44 7392 834349
  • Address: Bournemouth, UK
  • Email: alex(at)ezpzsounds.com
  • Spoken Langages: English - Romanian
  • Skype: alecsdim
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Freelance Sound Designer/Editor/Mixer | Administrator - EzPz Sounds
2016 - Present

I founded EzPz Sounds to allow me to experiment and play with different sounds, a place where I can be myself, where there are no boundaries. I also wanted to give this opportunity to others by collaborating on music or experimental projects without any „standards” boundaries.

Live Sound Engineer/Lead Sound Technician - Safari Travelling Circus
2010 - 2012

Sound quality and perfect timing are two of the most important elements in a successful circus show. I followed a structured technical script which needed great attention to detail. Quick reflexes skills played a big role as the show was unpredictable due to the various taming performances.

Recording Sound Engineer - Bell Sound Studios Romania
2006 - 2010

Being passionate about music and sound, I started as a volunteer Assistant Sound Engineer. I showed great progress and hard work and was offered the role of Recording Sound Engineer. My aim has always been to produce high-quality projects, ready for mixing, and I am proud to have delivered what was requested every time.

MA | Sound Design for Film and Television - Bournemouth University
2018 - 2019

BSc (Hons) | Music and Sound Production Technology - Bournemouth University
2015 - 2018

BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma | Music Technology - Bournemouth and Poole College
2013 - 2015


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get in touch

get in touch

+44 7392 834349
Bournemouth, UK
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If you have any suggestion, project or even you want to say Hello, please fill out the form below and I will reply as soon as possible.


Showreel September 2018

  • Date : 09/2018

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Final Implementation (Stage 1) Ongoing Project

  • Project : Experimental | Dissertation
  • Date : 06/2017
  • Used Technologies : Reaper, Ambisonics plug-ins (encode/decode), Binaural plug-ins (decode)

This is part of my university final project.The purpose of this experimental project is to use the ambisonics and binaural technology (currently used in games), to synthesize the 3D Audio and emulate the Dolby Atmos for Headphones effect using only stereo/mono audio sources, and freeware plug-ins/software. The final methodology being implemented on a classic 2D video soundtrack.

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Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (1927) | Binaural Sound Design

  • | University Project
  • Date : 03/2017
  • Pro Tools, Binaural, Sound Design/Edit, ADR Edit, Re-recording

This is an experimental project where the 3D sound design was applied to create a binaural audio effect without being necessary to record the sound sources using binaural or ambisonic microphones.

A Film

  • | College Project
  • Date : 02/2015
  • Cubase, Foley, Sound Edit/Design

This is my first Sound Design and Foley project. I was introduced to Sound Design and Foley in College and this is when I developed a passion for it.

Alien Hive | SFX Construction Kit

  • | EzPz Sounds
  • Date : 08/2016
  • Pro Tools, Massive, Cecilia5 | Sound Design, Sound Edit

My aim, when I began working on this was to improve my sound design skills. It was created with various recorded sounds (ketchup being squeezed out, shopping bags, nut shells etc.)


Mr. Giggles’ Rainy Day

  • Directed By : James Tubb
  • Date : 08/2017
  • Pro Tools, Foley, Sound/Dialogue Edit, Sound Design, Boom Operator, Re-Recording


  • | EzPz Sounds
  • Date : 10/2016
  • Ableton, Acousmatic Music, Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering

Torque was born out of a storm. I enjoy storms and so, I recorded a storm one night. Listening to the recording, I started experimenting with the sounds and modifying them using the Acousmatic Music techniques. Apart from the storms, I used a bin and some chopsticks to create the rhythm section.

5songs.5genres EP

  • | College Final Project
  • Date : 06/2015
  • Pro Tools, Audio Recording, Audio Mixing, Audio Mastering, Music Production